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Winter/Summer Collection

   It's been said a lot about the shallowness of fashion. Is it superfcial because it's about the surface, cover, exterior? Yes, it's seasonal, ephemeral, that's why I tried to distance myself from a designer's cliche collection, based on the so glamorized trends of the specifc moment.

   So, Winter-Summer Collection is self-explanatory. I had the idea to make this collection based on a Heideggerian perspective, similar to an architectural approach: fashion can have more substance if it's about the places you live in as a being, the places that, fnally, inhabit you.

   Interior design, tables, settings, fork, knife, collonade, winter chalet, the gifts from your friends that you have in your room, all these are the elements that try to fulfll the "fashion void" in a quasi-abstract but attractive manner.

Leggings Lana for

Photo credits: Andreea Drilea

Make-up&hair: Diana Ionescu 

Models: Alitia, Sonia, Vlad 

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