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TO EVE 2010

To Eve Collection

   My Fashion College graduation collection represents a series of art statements regarding the feminine image from the Biblical

beginnings to the World Wide Web era. "The Nude dress" treats the naked innocence of the Garden of Eden period and the idea of recovering it through this superfcial layer of cloth in the context of a hyper-sexualized Postmodern media society.

   "The Reptile dress" expresses the subconscious wild instincts versus the impact of violence nowadays. "The Facebook dress", a playful take on the contemporary female image as an online persona, is probably my most hyped and discussed creation, being posted on thousand of blogs and newspapers worldwide. The simple act of wearing this dress can be considered art performance, provoking the viewer to question himself about the meaning of identity in a more and more virtual-obsessed world.

   Another consistent piece is The Ethnic dress, a re-interpretation of the Romanian traditional patterns using digital print and, therefore, asking the availability of tradition and its values in a globalized country which seems to have forgotten its authentic folklore legacy.

Photo Credits: Bunica Floarea, Lana, Andreea Goia 

Models: Lana, Ruxandra, Cristina 

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