Sporty Săpânța

   Lana Dumitru’s new collection, Sporty Sapanta comes with statement items along with a street wear approach of the Maramures beauty (the traditional part of Romania where the Merry Cemetery can be found), which was adapted for the highly active women. The Sport Couture collection contains shorts, dresses, long jackets and backpacks, all of them coming in different colors and patterns. In addition to this, their distinctive elements are represented by colorful bands and elastics that are specific to the 90s. Sport Couture means to hurry with style wherever your job, love or your lust for fun takes you. Sporty Sapanta is not sportswear, but clothing items for those who appreciate the “rush chic” style of the greatest cities. The patterns have been inspired by the paintings of the Merry Cemetery, Sapanta. It is worthy to mention that the patterns were not copied, but recreated after a long research and print development. 

Model: Laura Giurcanu

Foto: Vlad Andrei