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Lana x Britnic collection


-Lana X Britnic Collection-

   A fashion premiere: Surrealist t-shirts inspired by the amazing works of Victor Brauner! Ever wondered how weird a fox taking a selfie would look like? Or how it's like to have the classic Windows screensaver inside your house forever? Or how it's like to see a chicken with a human head? Or how amazing would be to retouch photos in Photoshop using only your retina? Or how shocking it would be to get your first Instagram Likes even if you're still in your mother's belly? Notorious Lana X Britnic creative duo pursued a cultural and artistic endeavor by bringing in the attention of the contemporary public the understated works of the classic Romanian Surrealist painter Victor Brauner- an artist exhibited in all the major art musems in the world- and added their digital take by remixing them with Internet and computer symbols in order to reach today's online native audiences. Funny, weird or symbolic, Lana x Britnic's collages are an attractive way to get familiar with Victor Brauner's fascinating universe. Photoshopoetry refers to visual poems made in Photoshop, collages made of paintings, recontextualized artworks. 

Photos by Bulboaca

Models: Ana and Ștefan

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