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La Naive Collection

   This recent collection which is, in fact, my Master Studies graduation collection, means my first collaboration with exquisite Romanian contemporary artists, from the surrealist painter Adrian Preda to the quirky illustrator Mimi Ciora.

   Talking about the collection, the clothes' concept spins around the trompe l'oeil effect, a perfect opportunity for me to play with the works of "Surrealist Pope" Rene Magritte, of Rousseau-Douanier (whose exotic painting now contains, in my remix, a traditional Romanian family wearing ethnic costumes), the ethereal Iris flowers of Van Vogh and the floral work of innovative Modernist Georgia O'Keeffe, a sort of textile hommages and an attempt to put their creations in a new, surprising perspective.

   Also, I made a "mise en abime" with myself wearing my well-known ethnic dress from the previous collection and, thus, created a narcissistic pattern on the surface of a shirt, underlining the "tautology of the artist" idea and the ironic effect of re-cycling your own ideas.

Photo credits: Dani Ionita

Make-up&hair: Diana Ionescu

Models: Laura&Laura

Mara Accessories

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