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FC LANA 2013


An imaginary football team of artists


   The fashion season starts with a sporty & arty collection with an Art Champions League vibe: F.C. LANA, a team of international and Romanian artists carefully selected by the coach-designer LANA who is at the second exclusive collection for the online fashion retailer after a sold out previous collaboration.

   The names of the artists appearing on the series of 7 dresses and 7 blouses adorned with lucky numbers and beautiful prints were chosen by LANA taking into account the excellent performances they had on the global art arena: Hokusai, the Maradona of traditional Japanese illustration; Frida Kahlo, the so-called Messi of memorable self-portraits; Georgia O'Keeffe, this Ronaldo-like artist of floral paintings; Rene Magritte, the Pele of classic Surrealism; the renown Romanian Ion Bârlădeanu, famous for his absurd Pop Art collages applauded by the art curators all over the world and also for a movie documentary about him who won an Emmy award and, not the least, for the fact that one of his fans is not other than Angelina Jolie. LANA included in her fashion team a talented new young artist from Timișoara, Romania- Daniel Brici, whose paintings depicting children are now exposed internationally.

Foto: Dani Ionita

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