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                                                                                 -Fresh from the Recycle Bin-

   Have you sent your feelings to the Trash ? Have you recycled them ? People nowadays don’t go to Hell anymore, they go to the Recycle Bin.
   Freshly recovered from the Bin, this is my deleted collection! Like many others that did not win a contest or did not have the money to be produced and they had to remain in the Virtual Paradise forever and ever playing with the birds and animals from all the pictures sent to Trash by people around the World.
   Digitally printed sweatshirts, pants, shirts emerged and every time I’ve got the chance, a new item will come out of the virtuality.
   This is a half virtual- half real collection, like the world we’re living in, you never know what is made in 3D, CAD, or made in reality, the cure for ugliness is Photoshop, desktop icons become fashion icons.
   Enjoy an art manifesto expressed through fashion, my wearable opinions !
   Some years ago, designer Lana Dumitru took Internet by storm with her take on the virtual self: The Facebook Dress, a textile representation of a digital profile, was declared by as one of the top fashion trends of 2012.
   Now, Lana looks with fresh eyes at the intense and complicated relationship between people and their personal computers in a virtual collection suggestively named “C://LANA/DESKTOP/Collection”. We're living in a screenshot era where everything virtual seems to be real so why not put your Temporary Files on your permanent wardrobe?
   Based on a series of digital sketches, Lana went further with the concept of virtual drafts and the philosophy behind them. Some of the virtual sketches have been turned into actual clothes, the other half remained as virtual as in the beginning, just like in our “is it real or digital” confusion of our times.
   It's all about the virtual world and its patterns in which our sense of beauty has changed as long as everything ugly can be adjusted in Photoshop and giant corporate fashion brands create 3D models for their clothes instead of using real humans. In Lana's universe, our Desktop icons become beauty and fashion icons, USB cables turn into chic accessories and the Recycle Bin puts some deep questions about our decision of deleting something forever from our life. It sounds serious but Lana shows this visual manifesto in bright colours and joyful moods reminding the viewer that is also so much fun in wearing something abstract for real.

Photo Casper Fitzhue, Dani Ionita

Models Vesa Perakyla, Georgiana

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